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How to Tell If Fairfax County Courts are Closed Because of Weather

How to Tell If Fairfax County Courts are Closed Because of Weather

If you want to know if the Fairfax County Traffic Court, General District Court (GDC), Juvenile and Domestic relations Court (JDR), or Circuit Court are closed because sever weather, storms, or other emergencies call 703-246-2377 and an automated message will notify you of any closures.

You can also go online to the Fairfax County Court Emergency Information web page and see any emergency closures or updates for the Fairfax County courts.

If the Fairfax County court systems are closed because of weather of other emergencies all the cases that were scheduled for that day will be assigned to a new court date and new court time. The new court date will usually be a month later. Anyone, can go online to the Virginia Supreme Court system and see the new date and time online or they can call the clerks office and find out their new court date and time.

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