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Virginia Restricted License

If a traffic court judge takes away your driving license and you are allowed to apply for a restricted license, that same traffic court judge is the one who approves and sets the terms of your restricted license.

What is a Virginia Restricted License?

A restricted license is just that ... restrictive! It is permission to drive only for approved activities at approved locations during approved times. Driving outside the limitations of your restricted license is grounds for arrest.

Learn more about Driving on a Suspended License.

The Virginia Courts and DMV may grant a Virginia restricted license for the following activities:

  • Driving to and from your place of employment;
  • Driving during employment hours only if driving is a required part of your job;
  • Driving to and from school if you are a student;
  • Driving to and from a religious place of worship one day per week;
  • Driving for health care services, including medically necessary transportation of an elderly parent or of a person residing in the driver's household with a serious medical problem;
  • Driving to transport your minor child to and from school, day care or for medical treatment;
  • Driving to and from a court-ordered visitation with your child;
  • Driving to and from court appearances when subpoenaed as a witness or party;
  • Driving to and from an intensive case-monitoring program for child support ordered by juvenile and domestic relations district court for non-custodial parents;
  • Driving to and from appointments with a probation officer; or
  • Driving to and from any programs required by the court or as a condition of probation.

Can I Get a Virginia Restricted License?

If the court takes your license, you can get a restricted license in Virginia only if a judge grants you a restricted license and the law allows the judge to do so. To find out if a judge is able or likely to grant you a restricted license, contact one of our local traffic attorneys.

Restricted Licenses Issued by the Virginia DMV

If the Virginia DMV takes away your Virginia license, you can only get a restricted license if:

  • you lost your license for violating DMV probation, AND
  • this is your first DMV probation violation OR this is your second violation and the probationary period during which the violation occurred was immediately preceded by an 18-month control period.

If you are suspended for failure to pay child support, not paying court fines or costs, or for not paying a civil judgment, you may be able to get your license back with full privileges if you can arrange for the court to issue you a payment plan and you comply with that plan. Contact a local traffic attorney to find out if this is possible in your case and how it can be done.

How Much Does a Virginia Restricted License Cost?

The Court will make you pay a restricted license fee of about $120-$200 if you get a restricted license from the court.

How Can I Get a Virginia Restricted License?

If you need a court-ordered restricted license, contact one of our local traffic attorneys. Your attorney will be able to tell you if you are eligible for a restricted license and your lawyer can appear with you in front of the judge to argue on your behalf. You should also fill out the Restricted License Form (DC263) with your attorney before trial so that simple errors do not result in your arrest and the impoundment of your car.

If you need a DMV restricted license, bring documentation of your employment, school class schedule, etc. on official letterhead to the DMV and the DMV clerks can issue you a restricted license on the spot.

How Do I Get My Virginia Driver's License Back?

If Virginia ever suspends your license and you want to know what you need to do to get your license back, go to the Virginia DMV and request a "Compliance Summary". A DMV Compliance Summary is a checklist of things you must do before the DMV will reinstate your license. Get a copy of your Virginia DMV Compliance Summary and if you are not clear on how to get your license back, contact a traffic attorney.