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Prepay My Virginia Speeding Ticket

Why Can't I Prepay my Virginia Speeding Ticket?

If you cannot prepay a speeding ticket it may be because you are charged with reckless driving. Reckless driving is a criminal offense that carries the possibility of jail time and/or a six-month license suspension. You cannot prepay a reckless driving by speed ticket in Virginia. You can hire a traffic attorney to appear in court on your behalf for most reckless driving by speed tickets.

Should I Prepay my Virginia Speeding Ticket?

When you prepay a Virginia speeding ticket you are pleading guilty to speeding. If you do not want to plead guilty, DO NOT prepay the speeding ticket. In order to know whether to prepay a speeding ticket, ask yourself the following questions.

Will the DMV Suspend or Restrict My License if I Prepay my Virginia Speeding Ticket?

The Virginia DMV may take away or restrict your Virginia driver's license if you prepay a Virginia speeding ticket and:

  • are under 18 years of age
  • are on DMV probation
  • were on DMV probation within the last 18 months
  • have had more than one traffic infraction in the last 12 months
  • have two traffic tickets in the last 24 months
  • have multiple pending speeding tickets
  • are on a DMV control period

Before prepaying speeding tickets, drivers should find out how many points their violation carries (3, 4 or 6 points) and get a free consultation from one of our speeding ticket defense attorneys.

How Much Will this Speeding Ticket Raise my Insurance Premiums?

All drivers should know how a conviction will affect their insurance before prepaying a Virginia speeding ticket. You are at higher risk of a major insurance hike if:

  • Your speeding ticket is more than 20mph over the speed limit.
  • You are under 25 years old.
  • You get more than one traffic ticket every two years.
  • You have been with your insurance company less than 5 years.
  • You are insured by a "preferred provider".
  • You have a very low insurance premium.

Will Prepaying my Virginia Speeding Ticket Hurt my Pending Court Case?

If you have multiple pending tickets or criminal charges, prepaying a speeding ticket may hurt the outcome of your other cases. Even a small speeding ticket in Virginia can have major effects on later and more serious charges. Contact one of our local Virginia traffic attorneys before prepaying any speeding tickets if you have multiple cases pending.

Can I Still Fight My Speeding Ticket If I Already Prepaid?

If you prepaid a Virginia speeding ticket and later want to fight the ticket, consult a local traffic attorney immediately. In some jurisdictions, you may be able to revoke your plea of guilty or appeal your speeding ticket to the circuit court within 10 days of your court date. To learn more about these possibilities consult one of our local speeding defense lawyers.

How can I prepay my Virginia speeding ticket?

You can prepay your ticket in person at court, by phone, or by mail (call your local traffic court to find out how). Adults can prepay their speeding tickets online. If you prepay your speeding ticket you will be found guilty. Make sure you know all of the consequences of a conviction before you prepay a speeding ticket.

To prepay adult speeding tickets online go to the Virginia Supreme Court website and find your case by searching by jurisdiction and defendant's name as it appears on the summons.