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Virginia Driver Improvement Classes

Should I Take a Virginia Driver Improvement Class?

Contact a Virginia traffic attorney before taking a Virginia driver improvement class. Whether a Virginia DMV class will help your traffic court case depends on which traffic court you are in, which traffic court you are charged with, and your driving record.

A Virginia traffic attorney will help you know which driving improvement course to take and the right time to take it.

Four Types of Virginia Driver Improvement Class

There are four types of Virginia Driver Improvement Courses. In addition, there are multiple AAA driver courses, the VASAP Aggressive Driver program, and many other local, private, and out-of-state programs.

All Virginia DMV-approved classes involve 8 hours of lecture and an exam at the end. The exam is not overly demanding as long as you actually attend the class and pay attention. The DMV driver improvement course can be taken in-person or online (if you are 20 years old or older). View a list of approved in-person classes in your area. View a list of online driver improvement classes.

If the online DMV course is taken for the purpose of getting 5 points on your record, the test must be taken at a testing location. Otherwise the test can be taken on your computer.

Dismissal for Taking a Virginia Driving Improvement Class

Some traffic courts in Virginia, such as Prince William County, may dismiss certain minor traffic tickets if the driver has a perfect record and completes an approved Virginia DMV driver improvement course. Other counties, such as Arlington, have their own privately owned and operated program just for their county. In Fairfax County, completing a driver safety course will not reduce charges.

Consult a Virginia Traffic Attorney

Before taking a class, consult a Virginia traffic attorney to find out the guidelines for your specific traffic court and whether your case qualifies for any programs. Some traffic court judges and prosecutors will not offer driver improvement programs to defendants who have taken a driver improvement class before. If you take the driving improvement class prior to your traffic court trial, you may end up inadvertently disqualifying yourself from the program, so talk to your traffic attorney first.

Virginia Voluntary Driving Improvement Classes - Five Positive DMV Points

Sometimes, taking a class can help even if you do not qualify for a programs. Virginia drivers can erase 5 demerit points from their record every two years by taking a voluntary DMV-approved Virginia driver improvement class. This can improve a driver's record prior to trial. A better record often means a less severe punishment. If your traffic attorney believes that this is the best strategy for you, take the driving class as soon as possible so that you have the greatest likelihood of erasing demerit points from your record before trial.

Virginia Driver Improvement Class for Out-of-State Drivers

You can take the Virginia DMV classes even if you do not have a Virginia Driver's license, but it will not benefit your DMV record. Make sure you take the type of class that does NOT require going to testing center at the end of the class if you do not live in or near Virginia. If you are not a Virginia license holder, you may want to take a driver improvement course from your own state. However, you will need to do your own research to determine how those out-of-state classes will affect your license and/or your record. You may want to take one of the AAA driver courses. Contact a local traffic attorney before signing up to find out whether one of the AAA programs is right for your case.

Driver Improvement Classes Can Reduce Your Auto Insurance Premiums

The Virginia driver improvement courses can reduce your insurance premiums. Virginia law states that Virginia drivers who take one of these classes must receive a deduction in their auto insurance premiums by any insurance company that insures vehicles in Virginia.

VASAP or ASAP Aggressive Driving Classes

The Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP, or ASAP for short) offers classes for aggressive drivers. The VASAP aggressive driver course focuses on preventing road rage. This program costs about $75 and is usually a 4-hour course. Some local ASAP programs offer a 12-hour program that combines the 8-hour DMV-approved driver improvement class with the 4-hour aggressive driver course.

The ASAP Aggressive Driver Program is not meant for all types of driving offenses and is not useful in all cases. Please consult a local traffic attorney before registering for an ASAP Aggressive Driving class. Find a local ASAP office.